An Efficient Process

Today’s companies need to be flexible, more agile, and more creative. Their growth will be fueled by the people who do the work. To compete you will need to focus on those who will help you move your business forward.

Our personalized approach to finding talent allows us to help you through the entire hiring cycle, from the initial understanding of the scope requirements to follow-up and evaluation after placement.


Step by Step




1 - Planning & Research

• We define the scope of the project and create a profile of the position to be filled.
With client competitor data, our industry sources, & confidential referrals, we uncover top candidates.

2Candidate Contact

• We become your spokesperson, presenting objectives and your opportunity.

• We contact candidates on a personal basis and examine qualifications of each candidate against comprehensive profiles made during the planning stage.  

3 - Presentation of Candidates

• Only the most qualified candidates are prepared and presented for your consideration.
• We assist you in scheduling and monitoring the interview process, finish to end.

4 - The Decision & The Offer

•  You make the decision on the best candidate. We help with communication on pay, relocation and benefits.
•  We assist the candidate through the emotional process of resigning from present position, including dealing with counteroffers.

5 - Ongoing Relationship

• Our goal is to provide you with people who contribute to your company's goals and make a real difference to your organization.
•  We do not consider a search successful unless this goal has been accomplished.



We can guide you through the complete hiring process

Our Human Capital Consultants will guide you through the whole hiring cycle, to ensure you are selecting the right candidate for your company.