Find the best fit for your company

We know how important it is to find the right workforce for your business, that’s why our comprehensive recruitment process is centered on your company’s specific set of needs and qualifications. For each assignment, our Executive recruiters will develop a customized recruitment plan based on your unique needs and requirements.

Our comprehensive staffing solutions include:

Our contingent search services provides you with a thorough analysis of your recruitment needs and helps you determine the specific qualifications and skills needed for that specific position. We create a personalized plan to target the perfect fit for your company and provide you with periodical reports on the search status. For this type of service you are invoiced only when the process is complete and your new hire is on board.

Our search process involves searching our database and gathering the qualified talent available in the market, verify skills and qualifications and selecting those considered a perfect match for your company. In addition, our executive recruiters will work closely with you and the selected candidates to assist during the interview stage, salary negotiation and complete on-board process.

Our retained search services are offered when there’s an immediate need for placement. Our dedicated recruiters will make your search a priority and implement a personalized search strategy based on your unique requirements. We will provide you with the most qualified candidates within a specific period of time.

Even though this is an expedited process, we always verify skills and qualifications and only select those candidates considered an ideal match for your company. Our retained search services requires a small commitment fee at the beginning of the assignment, with the balance due upon successful completion.

Our work doesn’t stop once we have found you the perfect candidate. Throughout the first year of employment we provide a diligent follow-up to make sure both you and the candidate are completely satisfied.
If for any reason things do not work out with the selected candidate within the first 90 days of employment, we will find a replacement at no extra charge. We value the importance of hiring the right employee and are committed to finding the one that meets your specific requirements.